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Historical Literature on Specific British Festivals

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Historical Literature on Specific British Festivals

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Papers & Reports

Edinburgh Festivals 2010 Impact Study – BOP Consulting (2011)

The Economic, Social and Cultural Impact of the City Arts and Culture Cluster – BOP Consulting (2013)

Edinburgh Festivals 2015 Impact Study – BOP Consulting (2016)

Edinburgh Festival 2015 Impact Study: Technical Report – BOP Consulting (2016)

The Economic Impact of Cultural Events: The Umbria Jazz music festival – Bruno Bracalante, Cecilia Chirielison, Massimo Cossinani, Luca Ferrucci, Marina Gigliottinad, M. Giovanna Ranalli (2011)

‘They’ve really gone to town with all that bunting’: the influence and (in)visibility of Glasgow’s Jazz Festival – Alison Eales (2013)

European Arts Festivals: Strengthening cultural diversity – European Commission (2011)

Festival Baby Report 2015 – Festival Baby (2015)

Measuring the Impacts of Large Scale Cultural Events: A Literature Review – Floris Langen (University of Glasgow) and Beatriz Garcia (Impacts 08) (2009)

Demographic and sponsorship considerations for jazz and classical music festivals – Steve Oakes (2003)

Statistical Overviews [of Jazz] in Five Partner Countries [Britain, Austria, Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark] – Rhythm Changes (2010)

Historical Overviews [of Jazz] in Five Partner Countries [Britain, Austria, Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark] – Rhythm Changes (2010)

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival: more than just jazz – Melville Saayman and Riaan Rossouw (2010)

Jazz Festival Visitors and Their Expenditures: Linking Spending Patterns to Musical Interest – Thrane, Christer (2002)

Festival Statistics: Key Concepts and Current Practices – UNESCO (2009)

Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth – Warwick Commission (2015)

Festivalization as a Creative City Strategy – Zherdev, Nikolay (2014)


Carnivalising the Creative Economy: AHRC-funded Research on and with British Jazz Festivals (2014; 15 mins). Film made for the AHRC  Creative Economy Showcase at King’s Place, London, March 12 2014

CHIME project: improvised music re-sounding a historic city, at Lancaster Jazz Festival 2015


CHIME: Cultural Heritage and Improvised Music in European Festivals

Live Music Exchange – an online hub for anyone interested in live music research

EFG London Jazz Festival

The Streets – ambitious and dynamic programme which will bring high quality music and performance to high streets across seven outer-London boroughs in 2015 and 2016