10 good reasons to read our article on the impact of (jazz) festivals

Our article on the impact of (jazz) festivals was recently published in the Jazz Research Journal and also open access here and on academia.edu – we wanted to share some of the great (anonymised) reasons we have received from those who have downloaded the paper so far:

“As concert & Show promoter, these type of serious detailed and well documented researches are helping us comforting the sometimes sceptical investors which can’t see the correlation between Music and tourism and local spendings by festival goers.”

“I am currently working on a new Jazz Festival in Brazil and I was surprised by this great article during my research.”

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Continental Drift – video on Places and Events feat. Emma Webster

In July 2016, George McKay and Emma Webster both spoke at the Continental Drift: 50 Years of Jazz in Europe conference in Edinburgh.

This video features Emma talking about their research into jazz festivals in a panel about places and events, also featuring William Bares and José Diaz, and chaired by Tony Whyton.